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Innovative solutions for tree planting companies

The modern environment poses many difficulties for tree planting companies. More and more of the environment is tiled or covered with asphalt, which means that trees do not often get the space they need to grow their roots. This means they either do not reach their full potential or they eventually die, because they lack the ability to find water with their roots. Another possible problem tree planting companies face, is that trees might fall over in the case of a storm, due to their inability to take root. If the tree is strong enough to survive its new environment, it more often than not causes disruptions in the urban environment. Its roots could for instance grow to the surface and break through tiles and damage infrastructure.

Help trees grow without damaging the infrastructure

Though tree planting companies face many difficulties nowadays, there is a solution. Treebuilders offers a variety of systems such as the sandwichconstructuion, TreeParker system and bioretention system. These systems protect the infrastructure, while also providing the tree with space to develop its roots. Which system works best depends on the layout of the infrastructure, but thanks to the variety of solutions offered by Treebuilders there is always an effective solution at hand. Some of these solutions, such as the bioretention system, even have a double function that combines helping trees grow with stormwater management. This way you solve two of the most common problems of urban environment at once.

Inquire about the possibilities

Are you interested in the bioretention system and other solutions that Treebuilders offers tree planting companies to plant trees in urban environments? Feel free to contact the experts of this company to discuss the solution that best fits your particular situation. It is even possible to combine multiple systems into one customized solution. No matter the challenges you face as a tree planting company, Treebuilders is happy to help.