NBA Live Mobile is hosting a New Year themed celebration that gives players access to time limited content, tokens, and rewards.

The real New Year celebration is a few weeks behind us but that doesn’t mean that NBA Live Mobile players cannot get any more New Year’s rewards. The live events are still available and so are the sets. Live events like New Year’s Elite Challenge and New Year’s Countdown can be played until mid January 2018.

The events represent a good opportunity to acquire nba live mobile coins and various types of tokens. The New Year’s Countdown live event has 12 challenges with various OVR requirements for NBA and classic lineups. These two events reward players with Highlight Reel tokens but there are more events that give this collectible as a reward. Live events like Classic Highlight Reel and NBA Highlight Reel are repeatable events that give players five tokens. They also have a chance of dropping a New Year’s item.

The program comes with several sets organized in three categories. When players open the Sets screen, they will notice a new tab called New Year’s. Three categories are available. The first one is called New  Year’s Legends and has one set. To complete this set, 25 elite player item cards with OVR between 80 and 99 are needed. The reward is a 92 OVR program Legend player. The second category of sets is called New Year’s Resolutions. All the sets in this category are repeatable. These sets offer players a good opportunity to acquire new player item cards by exchanging others.

For example, there are sets that give an elite program player in exchange for 25 gold players. Not all sets use player items. There are two sets that use the Highlight Reel tokens obtained from live events. The last category of sets is called New Year’s Performers. These two sets contained in this category allow players to collect 91 and 92 OVR player cards. To complete these sets, players will need elite New Year’s players and three special tokens that are also acquired as rewards from sets.