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Phytoplankton is great for dogs with arthritis and skin conditions

Does your dog suffer from arthritis? Or does your beloved companion regularly experience skin and/or fur irritations, causing him or her to scratch a lot and lose patches of fur? Either way, phytoplankton for dogs can help provide relief. This supplement is rich in omega 3, which has anti-inflammatory characteristics. Since both arthritis and most skin and fur conditions are made worse by inflammations, an anti-inflammatory supplement can help a great deal. Of course, it does not treat the underlying causes and therefore does not replace vet treatment. It simply provides an all-natural way in which you can additionally support your beloved pet.

Phytoplankton is the best and most sustainable omega 3 source for pets

You might consider giving your dog some fish oil to provide him or her with omega 3, but this should be avoided at all cost. Fish oil contains fatty acids that are toxic to cats and dogs, so you cannot give this to your pet. Phytoplankton is safe for dogs and cats alike and contains just as much omega 3. It is also better for the environment, since the plankton only needs sunlight to grow. Especially when you purchase your phytoplankton from Mr. Ros. The phytoplankton products for pets that this specialist sells are harvested from a sustainable farm in the Netherlands. The phytoplankton is even as fresh as it gets, because it is packaged right after harvesting. This also means it is free of harmful additives and therefore as safe as can be to give to your pet.

Buy your phytoplankton online

Do you want to see for yourself how phytoplankton can help dogs thrive? Purchase a phytoplankton product for your dog from Mr. Ros. The web shop even sells supplements for cats and for you yourself. That way, you can provide your entire household with a safe, all-natural and sustainable source of omega 3. You will all greatly benefit from that!