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What can you buy at 24High?

Maybe you did hear about it before, maybe you don’t. Nevertheless, we would very much like to introduce you to one of the best smartshop-related stores on the internet; The shop specializes in various kinds of shops, which we would like to elaborate on. When you are looking at the web shop of 24High, you will find several sub-stores, such as a smartshop; a headshop; a shop for mushrooms and even a shop specialized in CBD! 24High aims for offering the best quality possible and strives this by testing all of their products before offering via the web shop. As a customer, you can be assured of some real good quality! Are you curious what is sold by the different sub-stores of 24High? Please read beneath through! 

t might come as a surprise, but 

Top priority; smartshop

When looking for the real stuff to experience a nice evening, such as psychoactive substances, but also pills that might get you hallucinating, herbs to heal and substances that can be used for detoxing or mediation and relaxation, you should definitely visit the smartshop of 24High! Within this smartshop you will find it all. 


When aiming to experience a good evening with products from the smartshop, you might find yourself interested in the offerings of a headshop; they sell products to increase your experience! This could be materials for for example rolling a joint, but also goods to bring a party to a higher level, for example bongs or party products. 

Mushroom shop

Mushrooms are used for hallucinating purposes. When looking for mushrooms that can be used for a hallucinating evening or looking for a way to grow your own mushrooms, you should visit the mushroom shop of 24High. When checking your options at the web shop, be aware that paddo’s are not allowed in the Netherlands; they are not being sold by 24High.

CBD shop

24High even goes beyond the smart-, head- and mushroom shop by offering a specialization in CBD. CBD if the abbreviation of cannabidiol, which is an all-natural product that can be derived from the hemp plant. 24High is selling CBD oil, which is a combination from the CBD and natural oils. This CBD oil can be used for several purposes, for example to reduce stress or remove irritations from your skin.