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Who are SDS’s for and where to find them?

Who are SDS’s for?


The short version of the awnser to this question is, SDS’s are meant for:

-Employees who may be exposed to a hazard in their work environment.

-Employers who need to know the exact measures, proper methods and safety requirements for the storage of products that could cause a hazard of any shape and form.

-Emergency response organizations such as fire departments, firefighters, hazardous material crews, medical departments, emergency technicians and emergency personal.


We can conclude that SDS’s are not meant for consumers. It is meant for anyone who is at risk of hazard either by working near or with hazardous materials. The main purpose of an SDS is preventing. If you work with hazardous materials on a daily basis, you are at a higher health risk. It is therefor important there is a legislation for working with, storing and processing waste of the hazardous product.


Where can you find SDS’s?

There are a couple of places where you can find SDS’s. -Usually universities and businesses have a collection of SDS’s somewhere. You can ask for your environmental health officer or science librarian.

-You can buy software or subscription services like the SDS Factory.

-There is a wide range of recourses you can find on the internet.

-Your laboratory or workplace should have a collection that came along with the hazardous chemicals you ordered. These SDS’s are important, never throw them away!

-You can ask your distributor. They have to be able to show you any SDS of the material he sold to you. Another option is to ask the source directly, by contacting the manufacturer. Usually they can give it to you through the customer service.


Now you know who SDS’s are for and where to find them!